Quai Saint-Pierre - The link between the beach and the city

Quai Saint-Pierre

Facing Le Suquet, the Vieux Port (the Old Port) and the “Quai Saint-Pierre” that dates back to 1838 is one of the oldest part of Cannes.

Quai Saint-Pierre is an excellent spot to explore the maritime side of this Mediterranean city and Quai Saint-Pierre links the city with Plage du Midi, the beach located west of Cannes.

The new face of Quai Saint-Pierre

After thirteen months of work and four months ahead of the original schedule, the Quai Saint-Pierre is now completely renovated and beautified and the inauguration of the “new Quai Saint-Pierre took place on Thursday, December 20, 2012.


This new design provides more space for pedestrians, public transport and shops. Now more pleasant for the residents of Cannes and more attractive for tourists, the Quai Saint-Pierre has now a face that match its exceptional location, on the edge of the waterfront and close to the historic district of Le Suquet and the Palais des Festivals.

Now it’s better then ever to stroll along the quay and stop at one of the many restaurants for lunch, dinner or just a glass of wine.


Sailing-yachts at Quai Saint-Pierre

Sailing-yachts at Quai Saint-Pierre

The Royal Regatta

Every year in September, Cannes is the heaven of Classic Yachting. The Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai gathers an incredible fleet of some of the most prestigious sailing-yachts in the world.

In the honor of King Christian X of Denmark, the Société des Régates cannoises and the International Yacht Club took the decision in 1929, to transform their traditional spring regatta into the Régates Royales.

Since then exceptional boats, the very best of traditional yachting, professional sailors and experienced enthusiasts meets every year in Cannes for the season’s highlight rendezvous.

During the regatta, it is along the Quai Saint-Pierre that the participating boats are moored.

Even if you are not directly interested in sailing is an experience beyond the ordinary to walk along the quay to enjoy the sight of all sailing yachts, many of which were built before the grandfather was born.


The fisherman’s port

Today there might be more yachts and motorboats moored at the Quai Saint-Pierre than fisherman’s boats.

Fisherman's port in front of Hôtel de Ville

Fisherman’s port in front of Hôtel de Ville

Still, the old tradition is still alive and fish is still caught out in the Bay of Cannes. Visit Marché Forville in the early morning where the local fishermen sell their catch. (The fisherman’s boats are not really at the Quai Saint-Pierre, but very close.)

The link

When staying in the western part of Cannes on holiday in the area of Plage du Midi there is a good chance that you usually go along the Quai Saint-Pierre when walking from the beach to the city center around the Hotel del Ville and on to the Croisette.

Quai Saint-Pierre has always been a link between Cannes and the world and today it’s also the link between the relaxed life on the beaches and lively and vibrant city life with non-stop nightlife, ritzy bars, fine restaurants and shopping makes Cannes a very attractive place for a holiday.

Question to you: What memories from Cannes and the Quai Saint-Pierre would you like to share? Please leave a comment.

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